ECOLIFE yarns®

EcoLife Yarns® by Belda Llorens are made of 100% recycled fibers.  Reducing the environmental footprint without compromising quality has been the focus of the company since 1956.  We offer Los Angeles based stock service in 50 colors and various sizes.  Our product list includes:

10/1 to 30/1 55% Recycled Polyester/45% Recycled Cotton

10/1 to 30/1 100% Cotton (60% Recycled Cotton/40% Virgin Cotton) 

10/1 100% Recycled Polyester in Basic Colors

Eco responsilbity

  • 75% Solar Energy - Belda Llorens photovoltaic panels produce electricity from renewable sources
  • 0% Water Consumption - The manufacturing of EcoLife does not consume water.
  • 0% Chemical Products - EcoLife is produced without chemical additives that affect the environment.
  • 0% Emissions - EcoLife manufacturing process does not produce CO2 emissions to the environment.